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Wayne county is one of North Carolina's 100 counties with government and public service agencies across the state. Many of the county's documents are recorded, indexed, verified and released to the general public by the Register's of Deeds or more commonly known as the Register's Office. Information such as arrests, warrants and criminal incident reports can be obtained from the Sheriffs department. General services from the county within its network of agencies various public functions while providing records to requesters.

Wayne County Courts Located in District 8
The general jurisdiction for Wayne county is the superior court handling criminal cases, civil actions exceeding $10,000 and has exclusive original jurisdiction over probate. All counties are divided in the 46 superior court districts within 8 divisions, and 42 district courts serving as the lower courts. Upcoming cases can be viewed on the court's calendar. Individual county court sites offer the public a directory of forms, electronic filing services and local court services.


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